Static Linux

Statically linked Linux distribution


Linux distribution is based on the Alpine Linux, musl libc and BusyBox.

It comes with data recovery tools (ddrescue, testdisk, photorec), Labwc Wayland Compositor, CoreFM, CoreImage, CorePad, yambar, weston-terminal, mpv, libinput (without udev dependency).

Kernel and the root filesystem are assembled in a single file to boot on systems with UEFI (Secure Boot is not supported).

For installation download bootx64.efi (92Mb, updated 2023.01.09) and place it on a FAT32-formatted disk (X:/efi/boot/bootx64.efi).

It's planned to statically link as many packages as possible. At the current stage compiled 234 packages. Documentation and scripts are located in /home/user/static