Static Linux

Statically linked Linux distribution


Linux distribution based on the Alpine Linux, musl libc and BusyBox. It comes with JWM, Firefox, Transmission, data recovery tools ddrescue, testdisk, photorec.

Kernel and the root filesystem are assembled in a single file to boot on systems with UEFI (Secure Boot is not supported).

For installation download bootx64.efi ( ~ 250Mb ) and place it on a FAT32-formatted disk at X:/efi/boot/bootx64.efi

Kernel (5.15.55) was compiled without support for loadable modules. It uses init shell and hotplug shell scripts for mounting disks.

I’m planning to statically link as many packages as possible. At the current stage compiled the toolchain, base utilities, JWM (206 packages).

Wayland version bootx64.efi ( ~ 70Mb ). Kernel (5.18.12-12), labwc, yambar, weston-terminal, mpv, libinput (without udev dependency).